Éric Hecker, photographs


“The photo is not outside the photographer, it is in itself, as the meeting that it awaits.”

Edouard BOUBAT

The photographer does not only go to the discovery of images. Or rather during his exercise he discovers another thing which is the nature of his own gaze: from where and how he looks at the world. To learn to know oneself, finally, is to become acquainted with this angle that sets us in a singular relationship to the world. This knowledge is of an impossible direct access. It takes a detour to show the subjective position from which we look. Photography maybe this detour. From this point of view, an image originates outside itself, but the shadow of this origin is detectable: it is the shadow of the photographer’s gaze. The Shadow of a glance (about photography).


“We are all travelers (…) all, also, travelers with a donkey and what we find best on the way. It’s a loyal friend.Lucky the traveler who finds several !” (Travel with a donkey in the Cevennes – R.L.Stevenson – Dedication to Sidney Colvin)

Crying, Flowers - Diary of 1 Containment

When the sun caresses your open mouth, without mask, kiss me
Photographs taken from March 15 to May 10, 2020; Huawei smartphone – Bouffay district; Ile Feydeau; Square Davais; Square Elise Mercœur; Course of the 50 hostages; Cours Saint-André, Rue Clémenceau (Nantes Art Museum); Quai André Maurice… in Nantes.